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Virat Kohli Replies To Paul Harris’ Clown Comment. Says Who Is He?


Virat Kohli Replies To Paul Harris’ Clown Comment. Says Who Is He?

Virat Kohli had just given a clarification about his reply to an Indian regarding his likes and dislikes of cricketers and now he is in trouble again. After an Indian cricket lover told him that he finds Australian and English batsman more than “These Indians”, Virat got angry and said him to start living in other countries.

This created troubles for Virat and he was badly trolled. Now another part of the video is being discussed and in that Virat is seen arrogantly talking about South African cricketer Paul Harris.

Earlier this year Paul had criticised Virat and had called him a clown. Defending Kagiso Rabada in a controversy, Paul Harris had also slammed ICC for having double standards.

If he has to then everyone does. I watched Kohli behave like a clown for three tests here in SA and nothing. Seems to me that @ICC either have an issue with Rabada or with the Proteas in general.

Now when a fan asked Virat about Paul’s comment, Virat said-

“When was this? Was this during South Africa? Was this when we were in South Africa? Paul Harris, ye kon hai (Who is he)? He looks like a cricketer.”

Watch the video below-

Click Here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

Do you think this is yet another mistake by Virat?

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