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Virat Kohli Reveals All The Secrets Of Indian Dressing Room In This Funny Interview


Virat Kohli Reveals All The Secrets Of Indian Dressing Room In This Funny Interview

Virat Kohli, the skipper of Indian cricket team, is one of the most famous celebrities and his popularity is on a constant rise all across the globe.

Recently, he gave an interview to Gaurav Kapur in a chat show “Breakfast With Champions” where he spill the beans about some of his teammates. First of all, Virat made it clear that it is the Delhi ka Chokra (Delhi boy) who has come to the show and not a post-match gentleman.

His teammates and songs:

Virat was very candid in the interview and he showed his fondness for Punjabi songs. He also revealed that mostly Punjabi songs are played in the changing room as well as disclosed the reason as to why he started calling Ishant Sharma by the name of Sukhbir.

Kohli further said that Hardik has an iPod and he listens to English songs only; however, he is merely concerned with beats as he doesn’t understand even five words of the lyrics. He also tells that sometimes Hardik speaks in a vague manner but he is a very honest person.

Virat also talked about Rohit Sharma and how awesome he is when it comes to timing the shot but he is also one of the most humorous persons you can ever meet because what he speaks is clear only to him and nobody else. Kohli also revealed the loose hold that Shikhar Dhawan has on the English language and how his New Year party was spoiled when he attended a function as a chief guest.

His diet:

He disclosed how he maintains his fitness and how strict he is for his diet.

In breakfast, he takes an omelette of 3 egg whites and one whole egg with spinach, black pepper and cheese. Then he eats some smoked salmon or grilled bacon and in fruits, he prefers papaya, watermelon or dragon fruit. He also likes to have gluten free bread with nut butter and about 4 cups of green tea with lemon is a must for him. For lunch, he takes grilled chicken, veggies, mashed potatoes and spinach and in dinner, he prefers seafood. It has been 4 years since he has not dug his teeth into Butter Chicken, which is definitely a tough task for any Punjabi and he is proud of that. If he gets a cheat meal, he would love to have Ram’s chhole bhature from Rajouri Garden.

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