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VVIP Culture & Careless Attitude Of Police Costed A Young Man’s Life #Ashamed

VVIP Culture & Careless Attitude Of Police Costed A Young Man's Life #Ashamed RVCJ Media


VVIP Culture & Careless Attitude Of Police Costed A Young Man’s Life #Ashamed

This incident has proved that no matter what, the life of a person is not more important than the suffix behind your name. The tag of MP, took the life of a student, who was hit by a bus and layed on the road while police kept on ignoring him. Rather, the convoy of the MP was given not much needed attention.
The convoy of MP Shivraj Singh Chauhan, and the life of a young student collided, and again the carelessness of Indian Police Won… The young student of 22-year, was hit by a bus, right near to State Assembly building, where the convoy was about to take place, but common we need to understand,making an impression in front of MP is obviously more important, because he might recommend for a promotion. And, that student Vikas Soniya, who knew him… He couldn’t help policemen to flourish, unless he could have become the next PM or some high profile person…

Damn!! A dream was crushed! Damn, this article feels me up with so much anger!
And, now people from different parties are flocking in to take the advantage of the situation and play blame game. Please it is of no use now, the student has died, and his justice will be denied like all other cases!
the state Congress unit on Thursday demanded that policemen deputed in front of the Assembly on March 1 should be booked for murder as they allegedly did not help the victim.

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Personally, I have no words to say! Only may the soul rest in peace and in the next birth may you born in a place where humanity is alive, or at least valued!!

Do you think there is any end to such incidents?
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