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#WalkOutFromPakMatch Is Trending On Twitter! Here’s Why Everyone Wants Team India To Boycott Match


#WalkOutFromPakMatch Is Trending On Twitter! Here’s Why Everyone Wants Team India To Boycott Match

The action between India and Pakistan has already started. The whole country is watching and was very excited about it. But we are here with the other side of the story. Not everyone wanted this match to happen. Yesterday, Twiteratti requested team India to walk out of the match and hashtag #WalkOutFromPakMatch is trending on this micro-blogging platform. Read the complete article to find out why.

According to Twitter users, country comes before cricket and Indian Cricket Team should not play any match with Pakistan until situation at LOC is neutralized. They requested Virat Kohli to boycott the match by arguing that they play for the country, and not BCCI.

People pointed out the mutilation of Indian Army by Pakistani Army and asked to support the Indian Army by not playing the match. The said that they will be happy to watch India win, but they would be proud to see them walk away in support of the Army.

Indian Veteran Special Force and President awardee Major Surendra Poonia appealed to the Indian Team through the micro blogging platform to boycott the match and make India proud. He also shared a video of himself and described how he felt about the match and asked them to boycott the match.

Here’s what he tweeted.

An appeal frm hardened SOLDIER 2 our “Heroes of Playground”
@imVkohli @msdhoni U r requested to b a ROLE MODEL in this critical situation??

Interestingly, no bilateral series were organized between the two nations and they have faced each other only in International matches. Pakistani players were discontinued in IPL matches from 2009, following the Mumbai attack.

Although there were strong support to #WalkOutFromPakMatch, some people suggested that walking out from the match is not a solution. We have collected some of the tweets.

Here are the tweets.










While Indians want to see Pakistan defeated, they also want to stand with our Jawans. It is up to you to decide if India should have walked out of the match or playing it was the right decision.

This was all about the issue. Do let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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