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Want To Buy An iPhone? Here’s How Many Days You Have To Work To Afford It In These Countries


Want To Buy An iPhone? Here’s How Many Days You Have To Work To Afford It In These Countries

Who doesn’t want to own an iPhone? Or in other words, it’s a dream of many to buy an iPhone as not all of us can afford it due to high prices.

Needless to say, Apple iPhones still rule the market regardless of the fact that there are many other companies which are offering good features at a considerably low price in comparison to iPhones.

The craze of iPhone is constantly on a rise and it’s indeed surprising that some people go to any extent to buy one. How can we forget the popular joke in India, ‘It costs a kidney to buy an iPhone’?

An iPhone is indeed a status symbol and is among the very few things which itself speak about an individual’s class. A number of people don’t mind spending a huge sum to earn that status and the same is the reason that iPhone’s market is expanding despite sky-high cost.

In India, the cost of basic model of Apple iPhone X is between Rs. 89,000 and Rs. 1,02,000. As its affordability is a matter of concern, a Swiss financial services company named UBS has done a unique research regarding the number of days an individual will be required to work for purchasing an iPhone.

For this, they have considered the average salary in different countries and here is the result:

1. Zurich – 4.7 Working Days

2. New York – 6.7 Working Days

3. Auckland – 8.6 Working Days

4. Hong Kong – 9.4 Working Days

5. Munich – 10.1 Working Days

6. London – 11.3 Working Days

7. Helsinki – 11.8 Working Days

8. Tel Aviv – 12.7 Working Days

9. Dubai – 13.4 Working Days

10. Panama City – 18.7 Working Days

11. Johannesburg – 36.4 Working Days

12. Moscow – 37.3 Working Days

13. Beijing – 39.3 Working Days

14. Lima – 48.2 Working Days

15. Nairobi – 72.2 Working Days

16. Lagos – 133.3 Working Days

This research is not all about affording an iPhone but also offers a comparative study of the living cost in different corners of the world. Sadly, India has not made it to the list.


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