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She Wanted Modi’s “Shiva Stole” What PM Modi Did Next Will Amaze You! Heartwarming Incident!


She Wanted Modi’s “Shiva Stole” What PM Modi Did Next Will Amaze You! Heartwarming Incident!

On the eve of Mahashivratri, PM Modi unveiled a 112 foot tall statue of Adiyogi Shiva at Velliangiri Mountains’ Isha Foundation. As always, he emphasized on peaceful coexistence and we surely agree with him, isn’t it?

This is considered to be the tallest statue on the planet and the main intention behind making it was recognizing the contribution of Yogi to humanity.

During the event, Jaggi Vasudev, the founder of Isha Foundation gifted PM Modi a greenish-blue stole which had Adiyogi’s face printed on it. No doubt, the stole was very attractive and it immediately captured attention of everyone present there.

While performing the aarti, Shilpi Tiwari, a Twitter user tweeted to PM Modi and expressed her wish to have that stole which he had draped.
Check out her tweet…

However, she was surprised to know that her tweet didn’t go unnoticed. Yes, PM Modi heard Shilpi’s voice and made sure she gets the stole.

On 25th of February, Shilpi received the stole she wished for; not only that; PM Modi also sent her the print out of her tweet, which had his autograph.

Shilpi was overwhelmed by this gesture and once again she took to Twitter to share her gift from the Prime Minister;


PM Modi sent me this blessing!

A signed paper too!

This was definitely a great gesture, isn’t it? This shows how courteous he is and how eager he is to fulfill the wishes of his followers.

What’s your take on this incident? Do share your views in our comments section below.

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