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“Was Trying To Fake My Intensity,” Virat Kohli Speaks On His Poor Form & Mental Weakness


“Was Trying To Fake My Intensity,” Virat Kohli Speaks On His Poor Form & Mental Weakness

The Indian cricketer Virat Kohli will be back on the cricket ground after almost one month as he was rested for tour of West Indies as well as series against Zimbabwe and tomorrow India will be facing Pakistan in its first match of the Asia Cup 2022 which is being hosted in UAE.

Virat Kohli is going through a lean phase as it has been around 1000 days that he hasn’t scored a century across any format. Though he looked in good touch during the tour of England, he failed in making any big score and now during an interview, he opened up on his break and the realization that he had when he went away from cricket.

Virat says that it is the first time in the last 10 years that he hasn’t touched the bat for a month. He says that he realized he was trying to fake his intensity a little on the field. As per him, it is just that you are competitive and you are telling yourself that you have the intensity but your body is telling you to stop, step back and take a break.

He adds that he is looked upon as a person who is very strong mentally that he is but everything has a limit and crossing a limit can be unhealthy and harmful for a person.

The former skipper of Royal Challengers Bangalore states that this period has taught him a lot and there were many things which he was not allowing to come up but when they did, he accepted them. He says that he is not shy to accept that he was feeling low or mentally down, it is quite normal but we hesitate in accepting it because of the fear that people will see us as a weak or mentally weak person. He goes on to say that he can vouch faking to be strong is worse than accepting that you are weak.

Talking about his intensity, the cricketer who has scored 70 international centuries states that when he wakes up, he likes to see what the day has to offer to him and he wants to be a part of everything completely because this is the way he likes to get involved.

He adds that many times, outside people as well as people from his team ask him as to how he maintains that intensity all the time to which he says that he wants to make his team win at any cost even if it means that he is gasping for breath while walking off the field. He further says that this is how he likes to prepare so that he is able to play in that manner but it was not happening naturally as he had to push himself, however he didn’t know it.

Let’s hope Virat Kohli scores big in tomorrow’s match.

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