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Watch Shaadi Online & Get Food Delivered At Doorstep, Twitter Goes Crazy Over New Wedding Trend


Watch Shaadi Online & Get Food Delivered At Doorstep, Twitter Goes Crazy Over New Wedding Trend

Our lifestyle has changed a lot in the year 2020, all thanks to the coronavirus pandemic as we have to cover our faces with mask, maintain social distancing even if you want to hug someone whom you have met after a long time and a lot of other things. The style of organizing functions or marriages has also changed to a great extent as now the host can only invite limited persons due to the limit on the number of guests imposed by the authorities. Moreover, the guests should also wear masks and social distancing must be followed. We have already seen that some companies are coming up with designer masks, masks matching with dresses, etc. and if that was not enough, a jeweler from Surat came up with diamond embedded masks especially designed for marriages and their cost was around Rs. 4 lakhs.

People are also opting to invite guests online in their marriage in which the guests can view the whole ceremony live online and feel as if they are a part of the function. However in such a scenario, one thing that everyone misses is the delicious food of the wedding. Undoubtedly, food is one of the most important parts of the marriage ceremony if we view it from the perspective of guests but it is not available in online weddings.

Now a Tamil family has come up with a superb idea which all the online guests will love and that is getting wedding food home delivered for the guests. The guests were provided with Kalyana Sappadu (wedding meal) at their doorsteps in four colorful bags with banana leaves. Each bag comprised of 4 tiffin boxes which contained 12 dishes in total and not just that, the family also provided with instruction manual in order to tell the guests about the place where each dish should be placed.

Check out the pics:





Here is the tweet:

Twitter is loving this idea and this is how people react:
















Now everyone can enjoy the wedding and the wedding meal as well! What an idea!

What do you think of this new arrangement? Will you prefer this if you are organizing any such function during the coronavirus pandemic?

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