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Watch This Horrifying True Story Of Noida’s Dead Sisters!!

Watch This Horrifying True Story Of Noida's Dead Sisters!! RVCJ Media


Watch This Horrifying True Story Of Noida’s Dead Sisters!!

Imagine it is a pleasant evening and you need to get home early. But your boss gives you a High priority task and asks you to complete it by evening without fail. You work on it and fail to complete it in your shift. You go for a stretch and slowly one by one everyone leaves and you be the only person left on the floor, working on the assigned task.
Suddenly you hear a noise you check to see what noise was it but you don’t find any thing. Then you see lights going off and on several time followed by coffee machine throwing coffee by itself. You get confused you get up to see if someone is joking around but find none. And suddenly piercing the silence a phone rings, you take the call but no one answers. Then another phone rings and slowly all the phone automatically rings. You try hard to run away from the place but you cannot and all the lights turn off. And into the complete darkness you see someone coming near you. What would your reaction be like?
What if I tell you that this isn’t just an imagination but a true story? You don’t believe right? Check out this video made by Vipra Dialogues based on a true incident taken place in Nodia. You will be shocked to see what happened.

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In December 1998, a stalker stabbed two sisters in their office building as they refused to talk to them. The incident took place in Building no. 2 of ******* Technologies, Knowledge Park, Noida. Few months after that the building was declared haunted as people could feel strange things happening. Most of them complained about the incidents happening around the bay the sisters were stabbed.
3 employees working in the same bay started showing signs of mental illness after 5 months from the date of the incident.
The last case reported was of a girl called Vaishnavi who witnessed the influence of the dead sisters in the office bay. According to the reports Vaishnavi was brought to the hospital with several injuries on her body and she had lost her voice. All these incidents were not reported and were kept hidden by the company to save their image in the eyes of the world. The building was abandoned after this incident and the mystery of the dead sisters remains unsolved.

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