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Website design company CSS Founder Encourages Other Companies Towards The Path Of Selfless Charity

Website design company CSS Founder Encourages Other Companies Towards The Path Of Selfless Charity RVCJ Media


Website design company CSS Founder Encourages Other Companies Towards The Path Of Selfless Charity

CSS Founder is an award winning, leading website design company in India which is continuing its charity initiatives to its 6th year of inception. Noida based visionary firm CSS Founder is reigning with their exceptional CSR initiatives and has fed over 2 lakh needy individuals who are deprived of basic necessities in life. The company began with its CSR initiatives in the year 2016 with a drive to give it back to those who need it most and has so far, distributed dry ration, cooked food, blankets, etc. to the underprivileged. CSS Founder is on the way to become a source of inspiration to thousands of businesses with their path.

Specifically catering to the needs of women, the team at CSS Founder is of the opinion that businesses can come together to help the needy in miraculous ways. They assert that those who live on the streets are the responsibility of the affluent and the able.

With a desire to be a source of inspiration to fellow startups, CSS Founder goes beyond CSR and contributes a large chunk of their business profits to charity and urges other businesses to follow suit. The most commendable aspect of the company is that it is relentlessly working towards helping not only other businesses but other startups towards growth.

CSS Founder purely undertakes such initiatives with their own revenue and has never taken donations or external funding for their programmes. They have emerged as a blessing in disguise for lakhs of individuals who are in dire need of getting food and other basic necessities.

Having created a global brand in the website design and development space, CSS Founder goes beyond conventional CSR and is committed to inspire other startups. CSS Founder has displayed a strong commitment towards helping anybody with their mission of ‘Website for Everyone’. Css Founder also known as best web design company in Gurgaon.

Today, they have a global reach and rank on top of Google because of their high credibility and awareness about the company. Their mission of “Website for everyone,” has enabled them to create over 12000 websites. The company is in its sixth year of relentlessly seeking to double income and philanthropy, and it is currently on a leading growth binge. CSS Founder is on a mission to “multiply charity with revenue” and sends out the message that charity needs intent.

“We believe that it is only when you give to those who do not have means in their life that you can grow. The blessings of the needy have the power to multiply your business when it is backed with genuine efforts. Our core philosophy is to extend help to others regardless of their background and expectations. Kindness is the biggest advocacy at CSS Founder”, says Imaran Khan, CEO at CSS Founder.

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