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What If The Avengers Were From South India?


What If The Avengers Were From South India?

Put Chutney, one of the quickest developing properties under the Culture Machine network, takes forward the “What If The Avengers Were From South India?” series with their everything new feature. Ever thought about whether superheroes truly have a spot in south India? Considering that we never get assaulted by outsiders or need super-legends to spare us from inescapable dangers, by what method will they discover substitute Employments?

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With the arrival of one of the greatest superhero motion pictures this weekend, the Put Chutney group chose to discover the response to an inquiry “What if the Avengers were from the south of India?. Imagine a scenario in which Hulk was from Hyderabad. On the other hand the Black Widow from Chennai? Then again if Iron Man was from Kerala? Will they be gathered to battle an up and coming outsider assault? Alternately be stuck doing worn-out errands like whatever is left of us?

Giving a few genuine lighthearted element from these inquiries is none other than Director Fury Jaganath, who is played by Veteran Tamil Film and Actor Mano Bala. Chief Fury and his group of dedicated south stars Cpt. America Return, Iron Man/ Andhoni Ithyanath Starch, Giri Thor, Hulk/ Pachaippa, Loki/ Lokesh and Hawkeye/ Kakai have another activity really taking shape and sparing the world may very well come in the way!

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