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What Makes The Best Company Slogans Catchy

What Makes The Best Company Slogans Catchy RVCJ Media


What Makes The Best Company Slogans Catchy

Whether you own a small business, work for a startup, or work on the marketing team of a large corporation, a strong slogan can help your clients remember your brand and help you stand out from the crowd.

A tagline represents your brand’s products and services beyond any specific marketing or initiatives, and it is frequently one of the first things people think of when they hear the company name. It is easier said than done, but a good slogan or tagline should be catchy, memorable, and original.

A memorable slogan combines powerful words with a clear message to leave an impression on your target audience. Although memorable slogans appear straightforward and uncomplicated because they are usually brief and based on common terms, a great deal of strategic thought goes into producing and popularizing them.

What Is a Slogan?

A slogan is a concise and memorable catchphrase that attracts people to a specific business or product. Along with your logo and business name, an effective slogan is a critical component of successful marketing. Taglines and slogans are frequently mistaken, however slogans are associated with specific items or campaigns, whereas taglines are long-term statements that communicate your company’s mission.

It may take some thought to come up with the ideal slogan for a specific product, but coming up with a creative, memorable, and concise phrase will help you stand out in people’s minds.

An intricate tagline is a powerful and attractive technique to persuade potential customers to conduct business with you. This article provides advice on how to create an effective slogan. Read on for ideas and advice on how to design a compelling yet unforgettable slogan.

The Best of the Best

You may not recall the exact substance of the Lays commercial you saw last week, but you are likely to recall its catchphrase: “Betcha Can’t Eat Just One.” What makes a slogan like Lays so sticky? How can you ensure that yours will be remembered as well?

Few brands adopt a tagline that challenges their clients. Lay’s does. The genius of this tagline is how it transforms the facts about the chip category into an intelligent qualifier for its brand. Nobody can eat just one chip, regardless of brand. But since the corporation possessed this location, Lay’s has been recognized as being one of the most addictive potato chip companies worldwide.

Positioning and Higher Purpose

A slogan is thus the public face of what the marketing profession refers to as brand “positioning.” We want viewers to see not merely a product, but also a higher purpose. The best phrases capture this deeper purpose in a memorable way. Red Bull seeks to represent not only hyper-focus, but also the invigoration of mind and body, as encapsulated in the phrase “Red Bull gives you wings.”

MasterCard’s goal is to promote consumerism that complements the priceless things in your life: “There are some things that money cannot buy.” MasterCard is available for everything else.” Nike’s call to action “Just Do It.” has appealed to athletes and would-be athletes alike since 1988.

What Slogans are Made Of

While there are no hard and fast rules for crafting a catchy phrase, there are a few crucial characteristics that make for a quality slogan.


People’s attention spans are brief, therefore keeping your slogan brief increases the likelihood that your audience will remember the information.


The best taglines aid in the straightforward and easy establishment of your brand identity or product. Consider what you want the audience to know and feel, and explain it in a straightforward manner.


To direct potential customers to a specific brand, ad campaigns utilize dynamic language with strong verbs or phrases of urgency. Make sure your wording motivates your audience to take action.


A memorable slogan employs a combination of powerful words and a clear message to leave a lasting impact on your target audience.

Use Humor

Make your phrase more memorable by including humor if it is appropriate for your brand.

Consider the strong tagline of the website “America’s Only Humor and Video Site, Since 1958.” This tagline has a number of jokes. For starters, it makes fun of the tired term “since such-and-such year,” which has grown hackneyed and monotonous. Second, claims to be the sole funny website in the United States, which defies explanation.

Furthermore, claims to be the only video site in America since 1958. In 1958, however, there were no video sites. As you can see, including a joke into your company motto may increase your chances of being recognized and remembered.
The Deeper Meaning Behind a Name

A lousy slogan, it goes without saying, can cause more harm than good. However, doing away with taglines entirely would be a tremendous error, especially for smaller businesses that rely on print marketing rather than mobile ads. Taglines serve a vital purpose: they allow you to swiftly and efficiently summarize what your brand is all about.
Assume a new business starts near your home. It has a catchy name and an eye-catching logo, but what exactly do they do? Even if you do find out what kind of industry they’re in, does their name or emblem reveal anything about the personality of their brand?
Taglines eliminate the guessing by stating a company’s message explicitly. Additionally, a good tagline is easily marketable through cost-effective and practical quality branded products like logo pens, that will definitely bring added value to users and boost your brand awareness.

It’s More Than Just Words

Good slogans elicit memories, sentiments, images, emotions, and tastes—that are invisible brain experiences. You already know that being memorable is an important aspect of what creates a great slogan. Creating a memorable and good feeling in individuals, on the other hand, makes a slogan an everlasting investment in brand recognition.
Almost every good slogan is made up of simple and straightforward words—words that are commonly used in regular conversation. However, when a simple phrase is combined with the memory of your brand image (without even saying it), you have achieved one of the most important goals in advertising and branding.

A slogan is more than just a couple of lovely and entertaining phrases strung together as a vital component of marketing, advertising, and branding. It is a strategic tool that, in the long term, increases the recall of your brand and lends credibility to your products or services.

Your slogan should elicit a positive response. It should cause your clients to link your brand with a pleasurable experience. It could be either a promise or a compliment. Some slogans even provide consumers with a glimpse of hope, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

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