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What Men Think About [email protected] Will Surprise You!!!! Must Watch


What Men Think About [email protected] Will Surprise You!!!! Must Watch

[email protected]!!!!.. A word which Indian people, especially Indian ladies do not like to utter from their mouths and if it is while during a physical intercourse with their husband or boyfriend, they don’t like to talk about it as it may bring a stoppage in the powerful flow of erotic emotions of their male partner. There is a hesitant feeling among the ladies, not only young but mature too, even the successful women don’t like to bring up that topic in front of their male partner.

However, this video from Durex will bring enlightenment to all the ladies as they will listen to what the males think about [email protected] as it states, “When its on, its on!”

[email protected] are the safest way to keep a check not only on the sexually transmitted diseases but also on the problem of unwanted pregnancies, especially among the teenagers. So the [email protected] are a cool thing now and there should be hesitation or shame in talking about them.

Watch the video to know what both the genders think about [email protected] and how the girls get the shock of their lifetime when they listen to their partners:

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