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WhatsApp Might Soon Come To PC


WhatsApp Might Soon Come To PC

You might soon be able to use the popular Messaging App, WhatsApp on your PC.WhatsApp Web


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According to reports from AndroidWorld,  WhatsApp, the largest messaging app with over 600 million users is currently working to bring the famous Messaging App to PC.

The rumors of WhatsApp coming to PC started when Pale Durov, co-founder of Telegram told that WhatsApp might be working on its Web version because they tried to hire the web dev of Telegram.

After the reports of Pale, AndroidWorld claimed that the WhatsApp update (v2.11.471) has mentions of ‘WhatsApp Web’ within its code.

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If the reports are to be believed, one will be able to use WhatsApp on Pc from —

But there has been no official announcement regarding this WhatsApp Web release. So we need to wait and check of this news is really true.

Source: AndroidWorld


So, are you excited to use WhatsApp on Web. Do you think that WhatsApp should really start its services on PC??
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