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WhatsApp Will Launch A Feature That Will be Loved By Group Members But Admins Will Hate It


WhatsApp Will Launch A Feature That Will be Loved By Group Members But Admins Will Hate It

WhatsApp is continuously rolling out some new and amazing features in the instant messaging App. Just look a few years behind when you had to pay for sending messages but now even calls are free with WhatsApp.

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But free calls and messaging is not the only feature that it provides It provides group chatting feature, end to end encryption of messages, stories and even live tracking.

For future, WhatsApp has bigger plans and it’s working on making the user enagagement esier and better.

As per the latest reports, WhatsApp is working on a feature right now that will work like a time bomb for annoying group admins but will be loved by group members.

The feature called “Dismiss As Admin” is currently in queue and when launched any admin can revoke the admin authority from other admin without removing them from the group.

So far, the only way to remove someone from the group as an admin was to remove them from group and then re-adding them.

The feature is currently in testing stage and is being tested for Beta version 2.18.12 for Android users. According to WaBetaInfo (@wabetainfo), a Twitter account that tracks changes in WhatsApp’s beta builds, it is also being tested for iOS users.

However this is not the end, there is another groups related feature that is being tested right now and that is private replies within a group chat.

Isn’t that interesting? This comes just after the negative publicity that WhatsApp has gone through in last week.

It was reported that WhatsApp’s Group chats were at a risk of being infiltrated by “anyone who controls the app’s servers”, despite being encrypted.

According to the researchers from Ruhr University Bochum in Germany, once an attacker with control of the WhatsApp server had access to the conversation, he or she could also use the server to selectively block any messages in the group.

A WhatsApp spokesperson confirmed the findings to Wired, however adding that “no one can secretly add a new member to a group and a notification does go through that a new, unknown member has joined the group”. He said-

“We’ve looked at this issue carefully.”

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