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Who’s The Best Friend Of The World? Here Are The Cheapest Internet Providers Of The World


Who’s The Best Friend Of The World? Here Are The Cheapest Internet Providers Of The World

What is that one thing we cannot absolutely do without? Right after the four basic needs of oxygen, shelter, food, and water, we need the internet. Imagine a day at your place without proper internet connection. It is almost unimaginable right? That is because internet has engulfed our world in such a way that it is almost inseparable now. Right from finding our soulmates to ordering food to getting the priciest brands at our doorsteps, we need the internet to survive.

Now, with such a high demand for internet, it is only fair that the price of internet will be slashed because internet is such an integral part of our life that if the price of internet is not cheap, it would very difficult to be afforded by one and all. If the price of internet is cheap, anyone and everyone can reap the amazing benefits that internet has to offer. We can all expose ourselves to the glorious wonders of the world, which are made accessible to us via the internet.

Thankfully, the price of internet has been slashed in most of the countries and here are some of the rates at which internet services are offered in the various countries:

1. India – $0.2/GB

India offers the cheapest internet services in the world, which has made communication a cake walk. Credit goes to Jio, now the internet has come to our fingertips at Rs 3/GB, as per our calculation. Before Jio was introduced, the average price per GB used to be a whopping Rs.250, but now, the prices have dropped by a huge margin, and with these rates we don’t even check our data usages anymore.

2. Russia – $0.9/GB

Russia has the benefits of internet service providers like Beeline and Rostelecom, which offer internet at affordable rates so that it can be availed by one and all.

3. Malaysia – $1.1/GB

Malaysia has internet providers like TIME and YES and that is why the internet prices are very cheap and comes to about Rs 75/GB

4. Pakistan – $1.8/GB

Karachi has some of the best and the cheapest internet service providers like Wi-tribe Unlimited, PTCL Charji EVO Cloud, and with these providers, getting the fastest and the cheapest internet is very easy.

5. Nigeria – $2.2/GB

Nigeria has services like IPNX Nigeria, Smile Communications, which have made the accessibility of the internet widespread in Nigeria.

6. Brazil – $3.5/GB

Algar Telecom, TIM Brasil are some of the internet service providers in Brazil which provide the cheapest rates in internet

7. Spain – $3.7/GB

Providers like Orange, Movistar, Jazztel rule over Spain making accessibility to internet very easy and affordable.

8. UK – $6.6/GB

The United Kingdom is blessed with service providers like Virgin Media, Plusnet, and they provide the fastest and the cheapest internet all across the country.

9. Germany – $6.9/GB

Some of the major internet providers of Germany are Vodafone, Versatel, Deutsche Telekom.

10. China – $9.8/GB

The rates are slightly higher but with providers like China Telecom, China Unicom, you can get relatively faster and cheaper access to internet.

11. Canada – $12/GB

Canada has GTA Telecom, VMedia to make the internet fast and easily accessible to everyone.

Icefields Parkway, Banff National Park.

12. US – $12.3/GB

Here also the rates are slightly higher than the other country and the famous service providers are Charter Spectrum, Frontier Low Cost Equipment.

Chicago sunset

13. South Korea – $15.1/GB

Korea Telecom stands out as the best internet service provider in South Korea.

14. Switzerland – $20.2/GB

Cablecom, DFI are some of the major internet providers of Switzerland which makes accessibility easy and cheap.

Going by the current records, India is doing great in the telecom industry, both in terms of speed and accessibility. Jio offers the fastest and the cheapest network which can be availed by everyone, and considering the fact that India is a developing country, cheapest network doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality is compromised.

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This is testified by TRAI’s MySpeed test and Jio had 20.9 Mb/s in February and the availability of Jio network, going by Ookla, has 99.3% availability all across India.

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