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Why 9-5 Job Is Really Awesome


Why 9-5 Job Is Really Awesome

When somebody asks you about your 9-5 job, you make a face and don’t have anything to say. So, just put on a fake smile and say “It is going well.” Many people hate their 9-5 job because they have the perception that it is boring. Your parents and mentors had taught you to stand out of the crowd, but you completely stuck in what you don’t like. Rather, complaining about your job there are awesome benefits for the 9-5 job.

1) It might be boring, but it is easy and comfortable.

There are the mundane task are lying on your table but at least you have a comfortable desk to complete your remaining tasks.

2) You can spend the rest of the time with your family.

After 5pm you are free. You can give time to your family and they will never complain about it.

3) You might not earn very high, but it helps you to make a living for yourself.

Everyone loves to be billionaire. But earning money is not easy. You need to take risk. But who cares if you are earning a decent amount of money.

4) Sleeping at a regular pattern is the main benefit.

It is the main advantage. You don’t have to stay late at night and worry about the work for the next day.

5) You will have some interesting co-workers with whom you can bitch about everything.

You could take mini breaks between the schedule and bitch about the person you hate most with your favourite co-workers.

6) At least, you have a stable salary and you can afford particular things on your own.

You are assured that you will have this particular amount of salary in your hands at the end of the month.

7) Your parents are really happy for you and they don’t have to worry about your late night working hours.

They know that you will come to home after your job and you don’t have to spend the whole night working in the office.

8) You will spend your whole day in the small cubicle, but it would be yours.

You own a little space of your office. But at least you own it. That’s the positivity. Look at the brighter side.

9) You can also pursue your hobby after the working hours of the job.

You could still play basketball or paint after coming back from job. It will make you happy and refresh your mind.

10) Rather than weekends, you will have certain national holidays in a month.

After the hard work of a whole week, you will have a relaxing Sunday to party or enjoy with your friends.

Aren’t these reasons enough to love your job? If you still not satisfied with these reasons then it is the high time to quit the job and do what you love.

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