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Why Choose Cloud App Development For Your Business?

Why Choose Cloud App Development For Your Business? RVCJ Media


Why Choose Cloud App Development For Your Business?

When it comes to promoting a brand and enhancing one’s business position in the market, the majority of entrepreneurs choose to develop a custom application, especially with the aid of application automate testers similar to Testrigor. App development is a relatively fast and effective way to create online buzz for your company and help you sell your products and find customers in an efficient manner.

You also may be eager to take your entrepreneurial venture to the next level and avail yourself of the vast opportunities of app development. Still, as soon as you get to the point where it’s necessary to decide whether you want your future app to be web-based or live on the cloud. The latter option is still considered by lots of users as somewhat revolutionary and underexplored. In today’s article, we’re going to discuss the benefits of cloud application development and help you decide if embracing the cloud will help your business.

A Few Words About Cloud-Based Apps

It’s not a secret that the code of every application can run on two sides. The first one is called the client side, which is something users can see and directly interact with when using your application. The other is the server-side, the part that is not visible to users. Its main goal is to respond to each user’s input and process all data. If one decides to create a full-fledged app with multiple features or build a business website but is reluctant to embrace the cloud, they may face the need for purchasing expensive equipment that would help them handle multiple client requests. And those who decide to rely on a remote server get a great opportunity to save a bundle on equipment and custom app development services.

Cloud-based app development is also very convenient, since a great deal of data is stored on remote servers. If your app is cloud-based, it won’t overburden your clients’ devices. What’s more, they will be able to load it without connecting to the Internet.

But there are more benefits to having your app (or at least its part) in the cloud. So, make sure to familiarize yourself with them before making the final decision.

Reduced Development Time

It’s a rare developer who can create an effective and powerful business app in the blink of an eye. And the majority of business owners are itching to gain profit from their apps. To that end, they often prioritize speed of development. By choosing cloud development you choose speed of delivery. Nowadays, web development successfully straddles cloud-native technologies and traditional agile methodology, which helps to substantially speed up the development process and deliver a high-quality product in the shortest possible time. With instant provisioning, any time spent on installation and configuration is eliminated and users are able to access your application right away.

Ideal for Mobile and Cross-Platform App Development

Some ten years ago, the gap between desktop and mobile apps seemed to be insurmountable. But the situation has changed dramatically over the years, since users value versatile apps that can be accessed through any device from anywhere. Cloud-based business apps can be the best fit if you want to create a solution that can work equally well on a PC and smartphone.

The combination of agile methodology and cloud-for-mobile techniques allows creating one-size-fits-all solutions that can successfully run on the majority of mobile devices.

The pace of change in the mobile market poses a challenge to the web app developers that go out of their way to keep up with these changes. The number of mobile devices grows every day. So do their resolutions, hardware API access, and screen sizes. Therefore, it may be extremely difficult to create a well-optimized app that would suit the constantly evolving needs of mobile users. That’s where cloud-based solutions come in and save the day. Cloud-based apps are more flexible, resilient, and adaptable to device-specific requirements, which makes them ideal for mobile platforms.

No Upfront Investment

Purchasing computer and server equipment can put a significant financial strain on your business, whereas cloud-based app development doesn’t require large initial investment. Most of the time, app owners are charged for using active servers, which means that you won’t need to pay for the transactions you don’t perform or the services you don’t use. Thus, cloud computing allows you to scale up or down depending on overall usage and development of your business and pay for the resources you use.

Reduced Risks

If you hire professional developers, they will come up with the approaches and encryption techniques needed to secure your app. What’s more, due to its increased redundancies, cloud computing has all the tools necessary to replicate and back up data stored on the remote server. This all allows reducing the risk of losing important data as a result of hardware failures or software bugs.

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