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The Great Khali Left Without Any Charge, Even After Killing A Wrestler


The Great Khali Left Without Any Charge, Even After Killing A Wrestler

With every dangerous stunt performed, there’s a disclaimer that scrolls down, saying “Do not try this at home”. Well, this has to be taken very seriously, because what we are going to tell you is a story that has shaken the Wresting World, and is indeed a great loss.

Dalip Singh Rana, or Great Khali as he is known as in the World of Wrestling, unfortunately killed one of his mate in the wrestling ring. As we all know, that there are times when the great wrestler have to stage a fight and perform on scripted fighting situations. But one incident which still scares a lot of people dates back at 2001, when the Great Khali accidentally killed his opponent, Brian Ong.

As per the script, Khali was to go for a flapjack, a regulation move in wrestling parlance, where the opponent is strategically tossed up. But as destiny had it, Ong did not adhere to the plan, rather than pushing Khali back, he held his shirt and fell down, hurting his tailbone as his head hits the ring with tumultuous sound. Ong, who was already suffering from a concussion, severely damaged his spine and skull.

A major fact that All Pro Wrestling staff did not take prompt action is another reason, that Ong died. Ong’s family sued All Pro Wrestling for recklessness and reportedly won USD 1.3 billion in damages, but Khali was exempt from any legal charges.

Truly, we have heard deviating from the set path is dangerous, and here is a prime example, what can happen…

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