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You Will Not Believe Your Eyes After Knowing The Brain Behind “Acche Din” Slogan


You Will Not Believe Your Eyes After Knowing The Brain Behind “Acche Din” Slogan

Since the past two years, we have been listening to the slogan “Acche Din” and it has just turned out to be a magical spell since the honorable PM Narendra Modi gave us the hopes of “Acche Din”.

PM Modi in Washington

Albeit, it’s a huge debate whether we are living “Acche Din” or not, but one should really know the fact behind the slogan. You will be shocked to know that the slogan was not termed by the current PM or the ruling party, but the brain behind the slogan is the former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. Yes! You got it right!


Story since 2014

Since the 2014 election, BJP flattered us good days along with many more promises like the end of corruption, women safety, etc.

Union Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari spills the beans that the “Acche Din” was first promised by Dr. Manmohan Singh during an NRI meeting in Delhi. Modiji uttered the same words at some other place and it got synonymous with the government then after.


When asked about when the promised “Acche Din” will come, President Amit Shah said,

“It will take 25 years to come. It is not possible in a five year term.”

BJP Leader Amit Shah Addresses A Press Conference In Mumbai

So at least, we know one thing for sure, we always thought that the ex PM Dr. Manmohan Singh never uttered a single word, but when he spoke it was still unheard by the crowd and Modiji easily struck the gold with “Acche Din”.

Maritime India Summit 2016 in Mumbai

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