This Woman Asks “Main Kaun Hoon?” Reason Will Make You Respect Women More!

Women safety has become a BIG problem in our Indian society these days. We keep hearing incidents like molestation, rapes, eve teasing every single day. When will this stop?

Have people lost respect for women? If a woman comes home late or if she wears short clothes, her character is questioned. However, men escape free all the time! Shouldn’t they be taught a lesson too?

Highlighting this issue, RVCJ Media has come up with a brilliant video “Main Kaun Hoon”. It is a perfect take on what women go through in the society. In this video, the woman is requesting everyone to give them (Women) freedom too.

She says that just because a person has that part, he doesn’t get the right to do anything he wants. The woman asks herself, “Who am I, bitch, sl*t, wh*re, Goddess, girl.” She is confused because these are the names that society has given her.

Watch the video;

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Watch the video and think, would you be ever able to change your mindset? On the occasion of Women’s day, let’s pledge to respect them all the more.

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