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Woman Dragged Out Of Car & Raped In Gurugram While Husband Was Held At Gunpoint


Woman Dragged Out Of Car & Raped In Gurugram While Husband Was Held At Gunpoint

Once again the humanity has been ashamed in the state of Haryana as a 22-yr married woman was pulled out of the car and raped on the road-side of the sector 56, Gurugram, by a drunk man while his partners kept her family members on the gun-point.

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The horrific incident took place on Sunday night when the victim and her husband were returning home. As per India Today, on Sunday evening, the couple went to Tighra village for attending a function at the house of the husband’s elder brother and as it was late night, the hosts decided to drop them.

The victim told,

“After the function got over around 9pm, we decided to return home and my brother-in-law gave us a ride in his Maruti Ertiga car to drop us at our South City home. When we reached near Business Park in sector 56, my husband asked for the car to be stopped so he could step out for urination.”

While the husband was urinating, two cars stopped near them; each car had two men and they started asking brother-in-law’s son as to why they stopped the car there. As the husband returned, he also joined the discussion but then the four guys who were drunk too started beating the husband and the nephew. In the meantime, one of them saw the woman inside the car.

The victim’s husband told,

“They asked us why we had stopped there. We told them the reason but they started assaulting us after hearing our dialect which had a hint of Bangla. Meanwhile, one of the accused looked inside the car and as soon as he saw a woman inside, he dragged her out and took her behind some bushes.”

He further said,

“By then, the other three accused had taken us at gunpoint. We requested them to let her go but to no avail.”

The victim told,

“The accused threatened to kill me and my husband while I was crying. He covered my mouth and raped me.”

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After raping the woman, the rapist ran to the other side of the road while his three partners fled in the cars but the victim’s husband noted down the licence plate number of one of the cars (HR29Y1160), with the help of which the police has arrested all the four accused.

Inspector Arvind Kumar, SHO, Sector 56 police station, told,

“The main accused is Sanjeet, who confessed to having raped the complainant. He is a water tanker supplier, while Dharmender is a salesman at a liquor vend. Deshbeer is a farmer and Pawan works with a Delhi-based private company. The accused were heavily drunk at the time they committed the crime. We’re questioning them.”

In the last 10 days, this is the fourth case of rape reported in Gurugram and the 10th rape case reported in the state of Haryana.

It is definitely a serious concern and the government needs to take some drastic measures to invoke fear in the minds of criminals. What do you have to say in this regard? Let us know your views.

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