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Woman Makes Tea With Lemonade & Tang, Twitter Says, “Gunaah Hai Ye”


Woman Makes Tea With Lemonade & Tang, Twitter Says, “Gunaah Hai Ye”

Tea is an integral part of the Indian lifestyle and it can easily be called as one of the most favourite hot drinks of Indians. It won’t be wrong to say that almost every Indian knows how to make tea as it is very easy and simple. There may be other ways of making tea but we are going to tell you about a lady who has devised a horrendous way of making tea.

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This woman explained the whole process of making hot tea on the video platform TikTok and this bizarre recipe will send the chills down the spine of every tea lover. In fact, the ingredients alone will shock you to the core! Take a look:

1. Instant tea powder

2. Lemonade powder

3. Tang

4. Huge amount of sugar

5. Cinnamon powder

6. Cloves

In the video, it is seen that a young girl stirs all the powders. Then she boils a cup of water and adds a teaspoon of mixture in the hot water. This is how the tea is made as per the TikTok user and we are sure that you must be pulling your hair by now.

Watch The Video:

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Many times we have seen that people have come up with weird recipes and yesterday only, we told you about a man who made Samosa filled with Oreo ice cream instead of delicious potato stuffing which left Twitter users wondering. Earlier also, we told you about social media users who came up with unusual recipes, such as Maggi with milk, Maggi with oranges, etc. but this time all the limits have been crossed.

Twitterati also reacted in a volatile manner as some of them called it a crime and here are some of the selected reactions:












Hopefully, you are never going to try this recipe of tea but if you do, kindly share your experience with us!

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