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Woman Posts Pics On How Her IFS Training Empowers Women With Trekking, Paragliding & Lots More


Woman Posts Pics On How Her IFS Training Empowers Women With Trekking, Paragliding & Lots More

The Indian society has been a male-dominated society in which the women have been considered as the weaker gender for a very long time. The women were not allowed to go out of the house for studying or working and they were considered fit only for the kitchen and household chores. However, things changed slowly and people started educating their daughters. Consequently, a new picture has come into view in which women are seen working in corporate offices, government jobs, etc.

But still there were some doubts in the minds of people which were related to women working in the defense and security forces. While there was no harm in women doing office jobs in these sectors, it was thought that women are not suitable for being inducted into combat and those positions which have risk of life.

Indian Forest Services is also one of those sectors in which there is risk of life and people think that women should not opt for this sector in terms of career. However, one female IFS trainee has posted some photos from her training in order to encourage other women candidates for applying in IFS.

In a series of tweets, Swetha Boddu whose Twitter handle is @swethaboddu reveals that she has been trained in horse riding which is instrumental in improving coordination, posture and confidence. She has also shared pics from her training sessions in shooting, scuba-diving, trekking, swimming, river rafting and paragliding.

Here are the tweets made by Swetha Boddu:

Twitterati loved the thread and while many praised her for motivating others, some also got to recall their own training sessions and they showered their best wishes on Swetha Boddu. Check out some of the selected tweets:












That’s highly motivating. RVCJ wishes Swetha Boddu a great future ahead!

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