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Woman Worships Monalisa With Agarbatti & Mala In A Bizarre TV Show, Video Goes Viral

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Woman Worships Monalisa With Agarbatti & Mala In A Bizarre TV Show, Video Goes Viral

It won’t be wrong to say that there is no place for logic, to a great extent, in the Indian TV serials and if you are an avid TV sitcom watcher, you must be habitual of seeing illogical sequences in these shows. The makers can do anything to increase the TRP of their serials even if it requires bringing d*ad back to life or transforming the leading lady into a housefly or giving the leading lady the superpowers to fight the evil, etc.

Recently a video clip of a serial is going viral which has proved that it doesn’t matter in which language the serials are made, they mostly can’t be logical. The video clip is from a Bengali serial and as per the story, the leading lady Gouri who is newly married is from a village but her husband belongs to an influential and rich family. Gouri is slowly learning the manners and lifestyle of her new family and she is very much awestruck with the paintings that are hanging on the walls of her husband’s room.

These paintings also include Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Monalisa’ but Gouri feels that she is some goddess and as she is very religious, she starts offering prayers in front of Monalisa with incense sticks and garland.

Here is the video clip that will make you go ROFL or feel pity on the logic or no logic:

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The online users were left bewildered after seeing this clip and soon there was an influx of reactions. Check out some of the selected ones:

What is the most awful thing that you have seen in any Indian television serial after which you may have felt that you should wash your eyes with phenyl? Don’t forget to share with us.

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