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Work From Home: Expectations vs Reality: By


Work From Home: Expectations vs Reality: By

Written by: Saumya from
Takeaway: Working from home started with a lot of fresh motivation & enthusiasm, that eventually faded away, leaving us slouching while working on our beds all day.

2020 surely didn’t go as we planned it to. For most of us, our travel and fitness goals (for sure) have been delayed. Are you also munching on that bag of chips with your hands all greasy while scrolling through this article? Yes, me too. Work from home jobs was a far fetched reality which became functional once we were quarantined in our houses. Who knew that working from home could be this fun?

Are you amongst the people who are not bored in the house due to the stalked up work on your virtual desk? If yes, this article will give you a good reality check. And don’t worry, we are all in this together. All the scenarios given below are applicable to the majority of us.

Waking up – was that the alarm?

So you also thought you’re going to wake up an hour before work to make your breakfast and exercise? We all did that during the initial days. But now, what is time even? And why would you wake up early when you can enjoy your breakfast in bed while checking on the emails. Snooze that alarm!

WFH snacks – Salad or KFC?

We were all so determined to work on our eating habits when the lockdown was initiated that we either turned into master chefs or ate our 2 minute Maggi within 5 minutes. Students and freshers who’ve recently joined work from home internships, leverage the opportunity of gaining professional work experience while munching down that pack of chips during that conference call. Don’t worry, we’ve all gone a size up.

Dressing up – Shirts & Pyjamas

Dressing up in formal attire and grooming yourself to work from home is said to increase your productivity as it instils a sense of discipline within you. But who cares, our pyjamas are our best friends now. Messy hair and loungewear is the definition of comfort, and what’s better than working in breathable clothes? Also, we all know why we don’t stand up during those Zoom call meetings of startups & companies (wink-wink).

Lunch break- Minutes to Hours

Lunch breaks call for a feast. Que that series on Netflix with a plate of Rajma-Chawal on the side. You don’t realise how infective watching that one episode of Friends can be during the lunch break. After feasting on that Rajma-Chawal and running a marathon of Friends on Netflix, you realise that you’re way past your lunchtime. So how long was your lunch break for today? 

These were some of the work from home expectation vs reality scenarios we all are facing currently. A special mention goes to pet interruptions, unstable wifis, worsening sleep cycles, drowning fitness, and constant anxiety of the shocking events of the year of disaster enrolling every now and then that have been adding up to building this unique experience of working from home. It had its pros and cons but is now a dream lifestyle for couch potatoes like me.

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