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Working Hours Of These 11 Countries Will Give You Complex About Your Job


Working Hours Of These 11 Countries Will Give You Complex About Your Job

It’s quite necessary to work to live because food is a mandatory requirement which we can get only through money and to earn money, there is no other option than to work. However, there must be certain rules and regulations regarding the hours of work taking into consideration that human beings need to work as per their capacity as well as zone of comfort. This is so because if we constantly do overtime, it may affect our health and that’s really not good from any perspective. Hence, it’s very important to define working hours and there actually are!

Below are the working hours of 11 countries which you must check out to see your position as to make sure whether you are being exploited or not:

1. Belgium – 7 Hours A Day


2. Denmark – 6 Hours Per Day


3. Germany – 7 Hours Daily


4. Israel – 7 Hours Each Day


5. Italy – 8 Hours A Day


6. Japan – 8 Hours Per Day


7. Mauritius – 8 Hours On A Daily Basis


8. Singapore – 8 Hours Per Day


9. Sweden – 6 Hours Each Day


10. Taiwan – 8 Hours A Day


11. United States – 8 Hours Daily



Is your country in the list? If not, check for yours and mention in the comments section. How did your find the article? Share your views about it!

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