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World Cup 2019 : People Are Not Happy With ICC Rule And Slammed Them Left & Right


World Cup 2019 : People Are Not Happy With ICC Rule And Slammed Them Left & Right

ICC World Cup 2019 final was nothing apart from a breathtaking heart-stopping drama. People present at the lords and globally could feel the tremors of agitation. This was by far the most mind-boggling World Cup ever. Keeping everyone on the edge of their seats.

England vs New Zealand World Cup 2019 Final

The final match was played between England and New Zealand at the Lords, England. The 50 overs match ended in a tie New Zealand chased 241 runs as set by England. For the first time in the World Cup history, Super Over was conducted in the World Cup finals but still both the teams ended on a tie as both scored 15 runs each. Later the winner of World Cup 2019 was decided as per the ICC rules which led to the count of boundaries, which team hit the number of boundaries.

The country ( England ) which invented the game of cricket emerged as the winner of ICC World Cup 2019 for the first time ever in history. England hit 26 boundaries and the kiwi’s hit 17 boundaries.

The people were definitely not pleased with the decision taken by ICC as the match was awarded to England for hitting 8 more boundaries as compared to New Zealand.

ICC was brutally slammed by twitteratis for their boundary count rule:
















ICC needs to rewrite the rules of ICC rule book. Congratulations to both the teams for a brilliant nail-biting match!

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