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The World Needs To Be A Little More Happy and Gay!

The World Needs To Be A Little More Happy and Gay! RVCJ Media


The World Needs To Be A Little More Happy and Gay!

On February 2nd 2015, the LGBT community came out on the streets in large numbers and participated in the “Gay Pride March” which started from August Kranti Maidan covering Grant Road and Nana Chowk. The Pride walk was the eighth and one of the biggest Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) pride parades the city has seen. The turn out was tremendous with more than 5000 people participating in support of the community.

Being Indian too decided to visit the pride walk to understand how different are they from us, and guess what! They aren’t any different from you and us. They’re sailing through the same storm as you are. All of us have been through a lot in our teen years. Struggling to adjust with our peers, fight against deadlines with parents, make up our minds about which stream to choose, dealing with heartbreaks. But some people had to go through much worse times. These people didn’t have anybody to go to. These people wished they’d have better people around them. This is why we must always remember to be kind to people, because we never know what fate their storm carries.

Being Indian asked the LGBT community about what they’d want to advise their 15 year old selves. The answers are just heart warming & motivating. Make sure you watch it through the end. These guys are in true senses wonderful human beings before being anything else!

Tag, share, like the video and support the LGBT community & let them know they’re not alone in their walk of pride. Spread the happy & gay joy to all!

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