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World’s First Space Hotel Opening In 2027 Can Host 400 Guests & Will Cost Rs 36 Crore For 3 Days


World’s First Space Hotel Opening In 2027 Can Host 400 Guests & Will Cost Rs 36 Crore For 3 Days

You may have visited some of the best hotels of the world that are on the Earth but soon you may be able to visit a hotel in the space, provided you have enough money to spend. Yes, you read it correct! An organization called Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) which deals in space construction has made an announcement regarding their highly ambitious project of making a luxurious hotel titled as “Voyager Station” which can host 400 guests.

As per the reports, the construction of the space hotel will start in 2025 and most probably it will be operational by 2027. However, visiting the space hotel will be very expensive as a person will need to spend $5 million (Rs. 36 crore approximately) for spending a duration of 3.5 days in the hotel.

In a tweet from its official Twitter handle, OAC has explained the orbit and elevation of its upcoming hotel. Here is what it tweeted, “Our planned orbit and elevation for Voyager Station is 97 deg and 500-550 km. This is a sun-synchronous polar orbit that will reduce thermal stress and allow for almost continuous solar power generation. There, orbit degradation and space debris risk will be nominal.”

The space hotel will be of the shape of a giant wheel with 24 modules which will be connected to elevator shafts and it will rotate in order to create artificial gravity similar to the gravity which is found on the Moon. It will also have 44 Emergency Return Vehicles (ERV) which will help in autonomous landing that will be done by automated flight controls.

For those who want to know more detail about the space hotel, here are some specifications shared by OAC:

“Some specs about Voyager Station:

1) 11,600 m2 (125,000 sf) of habitable space in modules and access tubes

2) 200m in overall diameter (ISS is 73m long and 109m wide)

3) Estimated mass of 2,418 metric tons (ISS: 419 tons)

4) Estimation volume of 51,104 m3 (ISS pressurized volume: 915 m3)”

The guests of Voyager Station will be able to experience all the luxurious facilities that are provided in the 5-star hotels of the Earth such as spa, gym, delicious food, etc.

If you want to know more about this space hotel, you can watch this video and also follow the official Twitter handle of OAC.

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Well, we are sure everyone will like to visit the space hotel but the big question is how many of us can afford it.

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