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World’s Richest Family Earns $100 Million Per Day, See Who Tops The List


World’s Richest Family Earns $100 Million Per Day, See Who Tops The List

Do you remember Isha Ambani’s grand reception where Beyonce was invited to perform at the wedding. Can you imagine how much they invested in Isha Ambani’s wedding. Well, why won’t they because Ambani’s are the wealthiest people in India.

Recently, Bloomberg released a report covering the world’s richest families of 2019 across the globe. You will be blown away to read how much amount the world’s richest family earns, they don’t earn much but a whooping 50 lakh rupees every minute. You can’t even count how much they earn yearly without using your calculator.

Wondering who is this richest family from across the globe. It is none other than the family of World’s biggest supermarket Walmart. The fortune of Walmart owner has evolved over the years with an earning of $70,000 (Rs. 49,87,675) per minute, which is equivalent to $100 million per day.

The 25 wealthiest dynasties on the planet control $1.4 trillion. At the top of the list is the Walton family. The fortune of the clan behind Walmart has swelled by $39 billion, to $191 billion, since topping the June 2018 ranking of the world’s richest families, Bloomberg said in their statement.

The second richest family is the Mars family from United States Of America. Chocolate lovers can easily relate about whom I am talking about. They are the manufactures of Snickers and Mars bars.

List of World’s Richest Family also includes BMW, Ferrero and Hyatt Hotels and the latest addition in the list is a Saudi family with house of Saud worth a whopping Rs 10,000 crores.

India’s richest family secured the 9th position with the total wealth of whopping Rs. 5040 crores.

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