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World’s Most Vacation Deprived Countries List Out. India’s Rank Will Disappoint You


World’s Most Vacation Deprived Countries List Out. India’s Rank Will Disappoint You

Going on vacations after long hectic work schedule definitely helps a person in getting refreshed. What’s more, it also increases productivity and efficiency of the person when he/she resumes work. However, not everyone has the privilege of going on vacations on a regular basis.

In fact, we Indians are also among the most vacation deprived people as India has been ranked at the fifth spot in the list of most vacation deprived nations.

The main reason for Indians being vacation deprived is the heavy work load and these findings were published in Expedia Vacation Deprivation Report 2017.

The first rank was taken by South Korea with 82%, followed by France – 66%, Malaysia – 65%, Hong Kong – 64% and India – 60%.

Here’s the list of top 5 most vacation deprived countries:

The report also talked about the least vacation deprived countries and the first rank went to Norway with 38%, followed by Netherlands – 39%, Ireland – 44%, Sweden – 44% and Taiwan – 44%.

Below is the list of bottom 5 most vacation deprived countries:

The study also revealed that 28% Indians are not able to take holidays due to their busy schedule or because there is no one to take care of their work in their absence while 55% take less leave from the total number of leaves they are entitled to.

In fact, there are 37% Indians who have not gone for a vacation in the last six months because they can’t afford it while 27% didn’t go for six months or more because they are saving holidays for a big holiday.

Expedia is a full-service online travel agency and this is what Manmeet Ahluwalia, marketing head, India, has to say,

“It is very important to inculcate an organisational culture that promotes healthy work-life balance through timely vacations. While technology helps us leave the office in time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are disconnected from work.”

So when are you going on a vacation?


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