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WOW! Amazing… So This Is The Reason Why Bollywood Films Have Interval!

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WOW! Amazing… So This Is The Reason Why Bollywood Films Have Interval!

Introducing the hero and heroine, slow dance, and then the villain take the heroine away…. Dhan tana… INTERVAL! *Buys Over-priced foods and beverages* (Costlier than the tickets) Movie Resumes…

Well, this is exactly how we Indians go and watch the movie… But did we ever care to look beyond, and get hold of a logical reason as why is that Interval so important… A grilling plot is broken in between to serve us with food, like seriously… May be that excitement washes away…

But This FACT just made us realize why this Interval happens!

So, the story laid back to many years before.. When people were not in contact of Digitization and things went slow and peacefully…

The fact is, earlier when movies were made, during the screening the technician would require a gap of 10-15 minutes to change the reel in the projector, giving some breathing time ..

Also, Our Hindi cinemas are designed and scripted this way unlike our Videsi Movies!


Well, the script goes something like this…

First Phase- Introduction of Characters & Plots , where we are made aware of the problems and conflicts.

Second Phase- Includes, Interval.. And, mini-climax, where we are kept hooked till the end of the story!

Third Phase – Climax

Fourth – The End..

So, Now you know why movies have interval! Seems like we are still living in the past.. But nevertheless, its only good, since our movies are rarely short than 2 hours!
So, a break is indeed necessary!

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