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WTF…This 87-Year-Old Man Is Proved To Be Father Of 1300 Illegitimate Kids

WTF...This 87-Year-Old Man Is Proved To Be Father Of 1300 Illegitimate Kids RVCJ Media


WTF…This 87-Year-Old Man Is Proved To Be Father Of 1300 Illegitimate Kids

At the age of 87 all we can think of his lying in the bed and waiting for death to come.. Or Living life with our grandchildren and sharing stories of youth.. But well for this 87-year old man the story is different, he gave the shock of life to everyone including us.

This WTF news came is from Tennessee, where a private investigator has confirmed that 87-year-old postman has had as many affairs and is a father of 1300 illegitimate kids. YES.. The figures are correct and that has been proven by a DNA test… The investigation was started in 2001 when two persons approached investigator Sid Roy to find out their biological father. And, finally after continuous inspection it was proved that not only 2 but he has fathered 1300 children. In fact, this investigation has been based on DNA test, gathered with thousands of samples.


So, when we thought he might be ashamed of the fact, that this news came in at the time when he is 87-year-old with grandchildren, the man was still the chauvinistic self and proudly accepted the fact that he has impregnated many women. He used to often impersonate as Johnny Cash and it worked for him back in 60’s. He could not say no to a quickie and contraception wasn’t popular then so this might have been a result of that.

The family of the old man aren’t very keen to file a lawsuit since that might lead to family separation. The investigator Sid Roy believes there might be many more children of his, and that also may come to surface if he digs more in the case. But already 15 years of his life has been spent on finding out 1300 children which is like more than enough and tiring..

Phewwwww… This has to be the most hilarious WTF news we have heard off late.. Shit happens!

What do have to say about this? Are you laughing or stunned!!
Yeah, you might double read this to get the confirmation!!

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