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WTF! This Guy Asks Random People To Taste His ‘Big Monster’


WTF! This Guy Asks Random People To Taste His ‘Big Monster’

When it comes to women selling themselves on the road for money, you will find many people happily being a host. But what happens when a guy wants people to give him some ‘happiness’ and take his big monster and taste it.

Surely, many eyebrows get raised and certainly you felt disgusted about the mere thought. But well, this group of guys literally went up to people and asked them clearly if they want to see his big monster or if pleases to taste it.

And as expected people refused blatantly and ran away from them, without even talking to them properly. You can see the video here!

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Now, that you have got very serious… Please calm down, it was just a dirty prank by Funk You, to capture everyone’s reaction and make them laugh at the end. Just the way you are rolling on the floor and laughing.

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