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Yeppiee!! Now Get Your Money Transferred Via G-mail Account


Yeppiee!! Now Get Your Money Transferred Via G-mail Account

We are the generation who saw Sachin Tendulkar retire, and we are the generation who witnessed the rise of Steve Jobs. And, also we are the generation who will be transferring money via our Gmail Id. Yup, this new addition in the feature has just added to our delight. Gmail has become quite an integral part of our daily life and needless to say all important to very important conversation happen over it.

Here’s a sneak peek about the feature!

Gmail Money

And, Here’s how you can actually do it.. Get started.


And, of course when the words are spreading its is quite obvious people to be happy and here one person who got online money!

Money Transfer

Go Ahead & Try this new feature of Gmail. & share with us your experience on the same.

P.S – For those who haven’t yet got this feature. Wait for a while, it will be added.

The new feature, will let you send money online to the your mail account and not bank account. You can ask your clients to send you money via Gmail.

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