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Yet Another Innocent Molested In Delhi – 4 Year Old Girl Molested By Bus Driver


Yet Another Innocent Molested In Delhi – 4 Year Old Girl Molested By Bus Driver


We have yet another case of Child Molestation in East Delhi as reported by NDTV. The accused has been summoned for sexually harassing and assaulted a four-year school-going girl.  As reported by the girl, the cab driver used to make her sit on his lap and touch her inappropriately and whenever she abstained, he would slap her.
The molester was arrested on Monday but the miseries of the girl didn’t end there. She was expelled from the school on Wednesday and the justification is beyond non-sense. The school authorities dislodged the child saying, ‘she could not sit with other student’. As she entered the school gate, she was belched out by the security guards due to reasons unknown. When the parents approached the Police authorities and further investigation carried on.

This had been happening for long. On Monday, the girl was asked to board the cab, which she refused after much persuasion. After that attempts to make her sit inside the cab, the girl ruptured with tears, pointing out at the ab driver. She told her parents everything, how he used touched her private parts, how she was molested, and slapped and beaten by the flinty driver, named Vikram.

Another shock jolted the parents, when the school refused to file a complaint against the driver and expelled the girl from the school protecting other students from her “Vicinity”.

How cool and logical is that?
What would you say now? Was she roaming around at 9 p.m with her shortest skirt on? Or was she too alluring for her age? Or maybe she was trying to seduce the cab driver. Possible justification, that is all we have been doing.
If this doesn’t open eyes, then i’m sure nothing would.

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