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You Must Know About These 10 Kind Of Governments In The World. The List Is Enlightening


You Must Know About These 10 Kind Of Governments In The World. The List Is Enlightening

Government plays an important role in making a state or country prosperous. But not every government is successful in doing so. The success of a government depends on their skills, intentions and their commitment to the society.

Our country has a democratic government but not every country works in same way. Now you will say, “we know there are Monarchy governments” as well. But, that’s not the end, you know?

There are many more kinds of governments around the world that exist or have existed in the past. Here’s a list of 10 kinds of governments that you must know about-

1. Plutocracy

It’s a government that is run by wealthy and rich people. Directly or indirectly, in this kind of government rich people hold practically 100% control over the state related decisions.

2. Exilarchy

In this kind of government, the leader has a control on a group of people with certain religious beliefs or ethnicity. In this kind of rule, the geographical location doesn’t matter because the leader’s orders are followed by people spread all over the world. The best example of Exilarchy is Dalai Lama.

3. Kleptocracy

Kleptocracy is a government of thieves. They use people and resources to improve their own wealth and financial status.

4. Thalassocracy


It’s a government that rules the sea.

5. Geniocracy

This kind of government is made by a set of people who are geniuses. The leaders must be really intelligent to rule the people in this kind of government.

6. Distributed Government

It uses the Internet and brings people all over the state together. The power to make decisions is distributed among all of them and they do it while sitting on remote locations.

7. Ochlocracy

When the power stays in the hands of mob and they rule law and orders with the help of violence.

8. Noocracy

This is a futuristic government where a combination of biological and artificial minds govern the world.

9. Stratocracy

This government is ruled by the military but the power is bound by laws.

10. Electocracy

Electocracy gives the people right to vote but they cannot have a voice later in the political process.

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