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You Should Never Use Q-Tips To Clean Your Ears, Here Is WHY!


You Should Never Use Q-Tips To Clean Your Ears, Here Is WHY!

Ears are no doubt one of the most important part of our body. Well, everyone knows that but whats surprising is that we been doing something to them which is pretty dangerous and is hurting them. Most of the people who doesn’t know about the fact we are about to tell you, use Q-tips (cotton swabs) to clean their ears which is actually really harmful according to studies and doctors.

According to an International Media Company,

“Around 7000 people reports an injury in England caused by cotton swabs. In fact the professionals working in Health departments have released many statements about the dangers involved in usage of Q-tips (cotton swabs). These Q-tips can damage the ear drum and push wax deeper into the ear.”

Doctors have suggested many times that usage of these cotton swabs can cause ear infections and moreover long term hearing damage. This doesn’t mean we should use instead something else. If simply put, the ear-wax inside our ear is actually not dirt. The ear-wax inside our ear is generated purposely which has antibacterial properties that acts as a defense system for our eardrum. So, this means we should never try to put anything into our ear.

But, if you are still obsessed by the ear-wax in your ear and wants it to be removed time to time, then you should see a doctor (otolaryngologist) who can perform the wax extraction with proper tools without harming your ear.

Remember, No matter how satisfying it is to remove the ear-wax from your ear. It could cause harm to your ears. Forfeit using it.

Do you use Q-tips to remove ear-wax. Let us know in the comments section below.

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