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You’d Agree To These 10 Common Questions Every MOM Asks Their Child



You’d Agree To These 10 Common Questions Every MOM Asks Their Child

Mother is the gift of God and as it is said, “God cannot be everywhere, so he sent Mother to take care of us.” There is no denying the fact that mother child relationship is the loveliest and most sacred relationship in the world. On one side mother sacrifices everything to see that smile on her child’s face and on the other end, the kid does everything to make their mother proud.

Apart from this Indian mothers can get a little carried away with their caring attitude, hence things can get little dramatic and possessive in some way. But its just a away our mom’s are. So lets recall all those common things or questions every Indian mom asks their child.

1. You are out with your friends chilling and suddenly your mom calls you. The sentence which can be heard from the phone is “Ghar kitne baje tak aaega/aaegi? Bahut der ho gayi hai.”


2. That moment when you are chatting on the phone with your girlfriend or a friend and she sees you smirking. This question will be shot at you “Itni hansi kyun aa rahi hai?”

3. No matter its the start or end of the day, if you live far from your mother. The conversation over the phone would definitely start with “Khana khaya? Kya khaya? Kab khaya?”

4. Suppose you are talking over phone from past half-an-hour. You don’t even know that its been half-an-hour and when you hang up the call. Your mom will come outta nowhere and an infinite number of questions will start bombarding over your head asking “Kisse itni der se baatein ho rahi thi?” Kaun hai wo? etc… etc…”

5. All those who sleep late and get up late in the morning have definitely listened to these sentences – “Uth ja nahi to abhi tere papa ko bulati hun.”

6. How could we forget that question which our Mom thinks is the ultimate solution when nothing works in her favour – “Thappad Khana Hai Kya?”

7. You are asking for permission from your mom to go on a trip with your opposite sex friends. Forget about the approval, she will counter you with – “Chaar Log Kya Kahenge? Sharam Nahi Aati?”


8. Arguing with your mom is something everyone has done atleast once. We are not saying you should do it. But when you know you are right then trying to explain it to you mom would sound right to everyone. The only problem here is, the moment you try to make your point a sentence will be slapped on your face – “Humein to kuch nahi pata na, Sari akkal to tumein hi hai.”

9. There is no denying the fact that she is a superwoman and sometimes she also gets frustrated with her daily schedule. Hence you could hear these sentences once in a while – “Sara kaam main hi karoon. Tum bas TV dekho dinbhar.”

10. You come back home during a semester break and she won’t notice anything about you but only your size (weight) and will instantly ask you, “Kuch khane ko nahi milta kya wahan? Kitna patla ho gaya/gayi hai.”


No matter how much annoying, irritating we become. No matter how much tired she is. She will always be ready to sacrifice her needs to fulfill ours.

Let us know any questions and sentences you hear from you mother’s mouth regularly which we missed. Our comments section is open to you.

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