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YouTube Facing A Global Outage Sparks Twitter With A Hilarious Meme Fest


YouTube Facing A Global Outage Sparks Twitter With A Hilarious Meme Fest

YouTube, the video platform offers us a wide range of options as we can get entertained by watching web series, short stories and funny videos or we can soak ourselves into devotion with devotional songs or we can also increase our knowledge or get motivated by watching educational or motivational videos. In simple words, YouTube has videos on almost each topic and for some of us, it is an integral part of our lives.

However today morning, many YouTube viewers got the shock of their lifetime when they saw that the video platform was not working. In the beginning, a number of people thought that there must be some problem with their Internet connection but soon they got to realise that it was YouTube which was not functioning while their Internet was working fine. There were many users who had problem in signing in the website while some were not able to watch high resolution videos as the resolution dropped considerably and for some, the website got completely blank.

The YouTube outage took place all over the globe, however the exact reason behind it is not yet known. Soon people started visiting the micro-blogging site Twitter to know whether others were also facing the problem and it was flooded with memes and jokes under the hashtag #YouTubedown.

Here are some of the selected reactions:
















This was not the first time that such a thing happened as earlier WhatsApp and Instagram users also faced similar situation. In November 2020 also, YouTube and some other Google services suffered a global outage. Whatever the reason may be, it certainly gave a good reason to the social media users to have some fun at the expense of YouTube.

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