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These Youtube Stars Are Far Better Than Bollywood Stars

These Youtube Stars Are Far Better Than Bollywood Stars RVCJ Media


These Youtube Stars Are Far Better Than Bollywood Stars

Times are changing and so do our taste for music, movies and more… Gone are the days when we used to eagerly wait for our favorite actors making an entry into the silver screen and whistles accompanied?. But now, with YouTube making waves in the internet, small web-series seems to have catch the fancy of everybody’s eye. But what’t more engaging is the fact that the actors in these series have come out of their cocoon and truly have become class apart and matured actors. If you are fan of good script, short and crisp story, and true-blue acting, you must have come crossed this actors, and Bollywood should definitely look out for them.

1. Tanmay Bhatt

This man has a very dangerous comic sense and has left all the viewers in splits. Tanmay Bhat along with his 3 partners create parodies and comedy sketches on topics like politics, society and Hindi Film Industry, they truly are the future of the web.


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2. Nidhi Singh

She has definitely taken the web with a wand… Trust us, you need to watch this girl out and you’ll be taken aback how beautiful her transformation has been. She truly has come a long way, Her role as Tanya Nagpal in Permanent Roommates is a must watch for everyone.

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3. Sumeet Vyas

This man has many feathers in his hat, from starting as Mickesh Chaudhury in Permanent Roommates to an English student in English Vinglish… Sumeet has proved his versatility time and again. And, awwww.. Let us tell you, Permanent Roommates will make you fall in love with him.


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4. Naveen Kasturia

The ‘Pitchers’ stars is one hell of an actor and is drop dead handsome as well. He has appeared in a couple of Bollywood Flicks but then his performance in Pitchers as ‘Naveen Bansal’ is more than enough to steal your heart.


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5. Nidhi Bisht

Indeed, she is the brainstormer behind the successful web series like Pitchers and Permanent Roommates! Man! She is one talent house of both acting and casting, and she does know her job well.

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6. Jitendra Kumar

The gem of The Viral Fever, Jitendra left us asking for more when he mimicked Arvind Kejriwal, His act as the scared Jeetu in Pitchers was just too true to be believed. FYI, Jitendra Kumar has actually, graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from IIT Kharagpur.. Yeah, Beat that, Brain & Talent.. A deadly combo.


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7. Deepak Kumar Mishra

The less we say about this man, the more it is… Deepak Kumar Mishra a.k.a Purshottam from Permanent Roommates has made the audience feeling annoyed and made them laugh with his act. And. Above all his take on Raghu from Roadies is worth watching over again and again.


8. Gursimran Khamba

The Khamba of All India Bakchod. Gursimran is the brain child of AIB along with Tanmay Bhatt. His comedy and comic sense is what make people love his group so much.. They do speak Sarcasm very fluently.

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So, how many web series have you seen? Who is your favorite star!?? Don’t you think these guys have raw talent hidden, we need to look out for!

Share your love for the best web-actor in the comment box below!

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