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Zaira Wasim Molested On Flight. Breaks Down In Tears While Describing It


Zaira Wasim Molested On Flight. Breaks Down In Tears While Describing It

Molestation has become very common in India; many women face such unfortunate incidents and one among them is our favorite star Zaira Wasim. Yes, this Dangal girl had a horrible experience on a Vistara flight and shared the same with us on social media.

When she boarded the flight, she had no idea whatsoever that she would be troubled this way. The man who was seated next to her acted vulgarly and even started misbehaving with her.

Initially, Zaira thought that he was falling short of space, but then she realized what he was exactly up to.

The moment Zaira realized his bad intentions, she got mentally disturbed. He even caressed her neck, making her all the more uncomfortable. The man even brushed against her back and left her angry.

After all this, Zaira went live on Instagram and described this gruesome and unpleasant experience. She was literally in tears while talking about the incident; Zaira kept saying, “This is not done!”.

Here’s the video…

Click here to watch the video directly on Instagram.

After Zaira’s live video, Vistara issued an official statement;

We are glad that Zaira has opened up about the incident and has strictly raised a voice against the same. Hope women gather courage to take actions whenever such things happen with them.

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