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10 Amazing Tips On “How To Turn On A Guy?”


10 Amazing Tips On “How To Turn On A Guy?”

1.Wear a lip stick whose color seeks his attentions towards your lips.

giphy (6)

2. Bite your lips while talking to him

giphy (8)

3. *Accidentally * bump your hand onto his.

giphy (14)

4. Pass him smiles

giphy (10)

5. Maintain eye contact while talking to him.

giphy (2)

6. Show your curves off. Every guy loves curves.

7. Wear big nerdy specs. Boys find girls very attractive in those over size glasses (nerdy look)

8. Don’t try too hard. Boys like those “hard to get girls” but not the ones who have lots of tantrums.

giphy (15)

*See, even Leonardo agrees with us.* 😛

9. Play with your tresses while talking to him and flip your hair once in a while.giphy (1)

10. Smell good: Use the kind of perfume that isn’t too strong or too light. Guys find girls who use nice perfumes attractive. Plus, he won’t forget your fragrance for quite a long time.


So, are there any more tips you would like to share with us? Were these one helpful?

Mention in the comments.

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