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10 Most Annoying Habits Of Co-workers

10 Most Annoying Habits Of Co-workers


10 Most Annoying Habits Of Co-workers

Offices are a place where you make friends, colleagues and thus collaborate among co-workers. But, this also sometimes leads to distractions due to some annoying co-workers. Thus, we have listed 10 most Annoying habits of Co-workers that you can avoid at work.


This tops the annoying habits of co-worker. Few of them in this category often deny from the responsibility with the words, “I’m too busy,” or “ye mera kaam nahi hai”. We all are busy in the office, so why do only some need to be reminding for their work and job description.


2.Static by nature

Few co-workers are always closed for any new ideas. Even if you explain them brilliant concept they will never love to reinvent the wheel. This is damn frustrating! It stops the work processes and also new creativity and innovation. “Koi zaroorat nahi hai iski, sales to waise hi accha chal raha hai”

giphy (2)

3.Apne khayaolon me

Some love to be in their own world and don’t paying any attention to the discussed details. Even if you leave them explained email asking him to reply for his suggestion or agreement, but he fails to do this even after weeks and also there are no follow ups. Then, a day comes when says you “bahut accha proposal hai, mujhe nahi lagta kuch change hona chahiye”. I am sure he didn’t read the email in full.

200 (1)

4.Uski topi mere sar

He may be lazy or not interested in doing a work. Thus, he comes to you saying loudly “hamara office kabhi nahi sudhrega, my PC often hangs, will you do this work for me?” this is just shout complain to show the IT issues and also show his active participation in the work.

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5.Nose poker

This type of co-worker often Offer their any given advice without even being asked. This is the mostly annoys when at brainstorming with the manager for any work, they chime in with his any thoughts.

giphy (4)

6.Awaaz niche!

Talking over the phone too loud is a very annoying habit of co-worker. Even though his voice is deafening which makes you forget you own words while talking. Still he loves to talk at the max volume.

giphy (5)

7.Slamming the doors

This is a pathetic habit of few co-workers. They want to let know everyone that fools like them exist in the office.

giphy (7)

8.Over smart akalmand

Few of them are never resourceful and thus constantly interrupt with questions which can also be solved himself. Its just show-off to let others know that they are listening and understanding about something but please don’t waste others time.

giphy (1)

9.Bimaar bichaara

Such kanjoos don’t even take sick days for a reason. They come coughing and sneezing and thus spread germs among all the co-workers.



Some do Overloading of cologne or a perfume. This is very annoying especially those with overpowering fragrances. They are nauseating!

giphy (6)

Do share this with your most annoying coworkers:-D I am sure he/she may get the hint. (Wink, wink).

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