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10 Bizarre Non-Food Items That Were Eaten By People


10 Bizarre Non-Food Items That Were Eaten By People

Some people are very crazy to eat very bizarre non-foods items like hair, toilet paper, etc. Read the article to now some real pathetic situations!

1. Some People are addicted to eat chalk (the pure source of calcium)

2. Pakkirappa Hunagundi eats bricks and stones from 10 years of age. He eats 3 kilos of bricks and mud daily!


3. We can commonly seen naphthalene balls eaten by children.


4. Morarji Desai used to follow urine therapy. Even the very popular host Bear Grylls, drank his urine to survive in a desert.

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5. Josh, contestant of My Strange Addiction loved to eat champagne, wine glasses and even light bulbs.


6. Jade Sylvester can eat a whole roll of the toilet paper every day.


7. Women on My Strange Addiction ate cigarette ash.


8. Aypero Alekseeva (18) has a habit to eat hair.


9. This is a camping trick for the campers who get lost in the woods and in hunger. They are advised to peel tough brown layer and eat the tender inside part.


10. A youngster in Florida ate 5 bars of the soap in a week!

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