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Cool Examples Of 2 Types Of People

Cool Examples Of 2 Types Of People RVCJ Media


Cool Examples Of 2 Types Of People

We are all different, aren’t we? We behave differently, we react to things differently and we definitely feel differently. In fact being different from everyone else is what defines our true identity.

It is the bases of our personality but broadly people can be categorized under one of the two things.

Below we discuss the categories under which we can try to place people:

• Those who love getting drenched in the rain and those who fear catching cold

Rain is beautiful, isn’t it? Well, not for everyone. While some people love to get drenched in rain other prefer to stay inside.

More or less, it reflects the mindset of people, some people are more open to enjoy the nature and have an extroverted mindset while others refrain and are more gathered in their thoughts.

• Those who fascinates gazing at stars and those who prefer having a sleep.

This says a lot about people. While some prefer to have a sleep in night others, who think a lot, prefer staying awake.

Gazing at stars, while having thoughts of your own is not everyone’s cup of tea, people prefer to keep the night for sleep and do the thinking in the morning.

• Those who prefer career over love and those who prefer it other way around.

Career v/s Love, a never ending discussion. It is a dilemma that everyone has to face one day in their life.

A career opportunity for which you have to leave someone you love or staying together with someone and living the same way you are used to.

We are all defined by our choices.

• Those who love exploring the inner world and those who love exploring the outer world.

There are people who love travelling and exploring different places in the world, those who love to go out and meet other people and then there are those who just sit back and meet themselves.
They reflect on their decisions, on their life and their relations. Very few people are able to do so but doing such a thing actually defines how successful you will be.

• Those who are in love and those who are in lust.

What more can be said of love? Love has already been discussed in lengths by almost everyone. But how much of it do we learn practically?

We ourselves don’t know whether we love someone or just like someone. This is another category of two types of people.

Most of us, in our young days, are in lust. We call the attraction that we have towards someone, love. As one matures and makes sacrifices to stay, go through the boring days and still want to be together, that is what actual love is.

Maybe it’s not two kinds of people. May be its two personalities engulfed in a single being. We all change with age, with time and the situations we face. May be it’s a case of split personality we all suffer in one way or the other.

Do we really know who we are? May be or maybe not.

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