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10 Weird Obsessions That Seem Too Weird To Be Real


10 Weird Obsessions That Seem Too Weird To Be Real

Obsession or addiction is actually a mental illness, and it not given the proper attention or care it grow into real trouble. People get addicted to certain things because in their brain a special stimulation happens, which makes them feel pleased or happy. So, putting it in this way, people can get addicted to almost anything in the world. It seems weird, right? But wait till you read it.

1. Exercising

While exercising can be a good thing, but overdoing anything is always harmful. People are known to exercise for 2-3 hours daily, and they experience a different kind of high after it. This may tamper with their work or personal relationships. Most of the athletes are known to have it.

2. Pulling Out hair

These people often pull out their hair from their heads, eyebrows, arms, etc. This is a sign of severe anxiety and is also known as trich.

3. Piercings

Piercings and body modification. People get pierced on every inch, though it is not harmful in any sort of way. But it can lead to complications later in life.

4. Eating Glass

Hyalophagia, people are addicted to eating glass often admit to just enjoying the attention, but they also often sustain serious injuries.

5. Eating Dirt/ Soil

I can’t even vegetables properly, how can someone eat dirt? But this is an actual disorder known as Pica Disorder. But eating this in large amounts can be harmful to you.

6. Unrequited Love

People are addicted to getting heartbroken. They enjoy the feeling of being rejected by love and are addicted to it.

7. Eating/Drinking Sugar

Sugar withdrawal can be a real thing. Most of us are addicted to sugar and don’t even know it yet. ANxiety, confusion, irritation, and headaches are common symptoms after quitting sugar.

8. Plastic Surgery

People are addicted to looking better. But things go bitter if we overdo it. This need to look perfect can be quite hazardous on the health of a person.

9. Tattooing

Tattooing can go up to extreme ends where people even color their eyeballs.

10. Working

Yes, it is an addiction literally. People are known to work for hours often forgetting their families and loved ones. This may cause loneliness and depression.

I am addicted to my bed and being lazy, wonder when Science will come up with a term for that.

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