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10 Childhood Things We All Can Relate To


10 Childhood Things We All Can Relate To

1. Wanted To Grow Up

We all wanted to grow up as being an adult meant being free.


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2. Crush On Our Teacher

Accept it or not but you used to have a crush on a specific lady teacher. As you grow up, you realized that you can’t get her. “Don’t cry, I know the feeling.” 🙁


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3. Wished That Your Parents Had A Different Job

Some of us love “golgappa” while some of us just love “candies”. You wished your dad was a “panipuri-wala” so that you could eat uncountable “panipuri.”


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4. Dream Job

In your minds, you all had some weird jobs which you wanted to do once you grow up. But reality struck bad once you got into 12th standards.


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5. Going Inside Your Favorite Cartoon

Going inside your favorite cartoon by being your favorite character. You know I always wanted to be Tom to catch Jerry at least once.


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6. Going To Moon

Heard the story of the lady from the moon? Then accept that you wanted to go there and check if there’s really someone there or not.


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7. That Girl In Your Class

And there was that special someone in your class whom you always dreamed of getting as your partner but once again reality struck you hard. *sigh*


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8. Abusive Languages *shh*

You made a resolution in childhood about not saying any abusive languages when you grow up. But “mc, bc” is now your part of everyday life, no?


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9. Teachers’ Day

The students from higher classes used to take classes on this particular day and you thought about taking a class when you move to higher classes, right?


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10. Won’t Touch Alcohol, Cigarette

This is one resolution we all take in childhood. But were you really able to keep it?


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Above are some of the things you can all relate to I hope. Are all the above said things really part of your growing up?


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