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10 Cruel Things That Women Can Do To Men


10 Cruel Things That Women Can Do To Men

Though it is universally accepted, women are considered to be the fairest species. However they can be cruel sometime. Infact I would say not sometimes, but many  a times for ‘the poor men’. Let’s check out the different cruel things that actually women do to men.

1. Girls love to hangout in nearby clubs or go for a drink once in a week. No money? Use him to get your drinks.


2. Oh you think, you have impressed her to get her number, but when you actually try to call her, she won’t pick your call. .

giphy (1)
3. Girls are cruel enough to use men as the envy factor and induce jealousy.


4. Oh need some money for your shopping and personal grooming? He is the person who will lend you enough money.

giphy (3)

5. Women feel it is their right and empowerment to hit man as he won’t hit back.

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6. This is the most shameful and awful moment when your girlfriend or an anonymous woman insults you in public.

7. Women always keep you on hold and give you time when they want to.

giphy (4)

8. She keeps spying on your activities and updates.


9. She does not want to change her status from single to ‘In a Relationship’.

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10. A woman keeps her man waiting on road for no reasons.



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